Who’s Who of Living Well Counseling: Meet Mrs. Deanna Smith, MS, LAC

March 18, 2020


Meet Deanna Smith, MS, LAC.
Little Rock, Ark.

“My husband Rhett and I have been married for 27 years and currently live in Little Rock. We have five children, ages 26, 24, 21, 9 and 7. We also have one cute little grandson! Having a second batch of kids after such a big gap has been an adventure. We haven’t figured out yet if they are keeping us young or aging us faster. It may be both!

I have wanted to be a counselor since I was a teenager, but I always felt so broken by my own trauma history that I was too ashamed to even pray about the desire to serve others in that capacity. In 2015, I fell while hiking and sustained a concussion that really caused me to reevaluate a lot of things. In that process, I finally opened up to the Lord about becoming a counselor. I felt an instant reply of, “I’ve been waiting for you to be ready.” I applied to graduate school later that day, graduated from John Brown University last May, and now here I am blessed to live my purpose with the most loving, authentic, service-oriented group of colleagues anyone could ever hope to find.

I’m trained in child-centered play therapy, sand tray, and EMDR. I am also a certified Safe and Sound Protocol provider. I have plans to get trained in somatic experiencing as well. I enjoy working with kids, but I love working with struggling adults. So often when kids come into our office, the parents aren’t resourced enough to help their kids in the way their hearts want to help. I am passionate about helping the parents do the work that enables them to be present for their kids. I also have a big heart for adults abused as children because I know firsthand what it feels like to think nothing can ever fix what was broken so long ago, and I also know how amazing it feels when change does happen. I love helping clients use the therapy room as a laboratory where they can experiment with experiencing the world differently.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve alongside everyone on this team. We are truly blessed to have each other.”