Single mother and her children find hope at Springdale Family Care Home

April 24, 2020

A little more than a year ago, Jennifer and her family came to live at the Springdale Family Care Home. Her life as she knew it had taken a drastic turn as she and her three children found themselves without a safe place to live.

Previously, Jennifer had been married and a stay at home mom, attending college. She and her family were all active in their local church when her life began to go awry.

Searching for help, Jennifer’s pastor pointed her to the Arkansas Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministry office in Fayetteville. After speaking with agency staff, Jennifer and her children moved into the Family Care Home for single mothers 24 hours later.

When when she moved in, Jennifer said she was desperate and thankful for the safe home. “They (Family Care Home) will give you a chance to get your life back together, move forward with guidance, feel loved and help you know that you are not by yourself,” said Jennifer.

While living at the Family Care Home, Jennifer secured a full-time job, saved money, continued to be involved in her church, as well as kept her children active in school and church.

Last month, Jennifer purchased a home and is settling in.

“When I came to the Family Care Home, I had no idea that I would be a single mom of three and in my own house a year later,” said Jennifer. “God had other plans and He provided us a stable place to stay until we could get back on our feet.”

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